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All dental offices are supported by the most famous German company in CAD-CAM systems, as well as in the very latest way of digital processing in dental medicine, Sirona, and by the American corporation KAVO in equipping modern and highly developed dental offices in the world and the region.


There is an X-ray machine within the dental practice for the detailed diagnosis of teeth and bone structures, as well as for the timely detection of any dental problems; intraoral digital camera; dental chairs with the most modern equipment and all the necessary dental tools; highly modernized systems for monitoring therapy, and superbly controlled sterilization methods for dental supplies used on patients.

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For many years, our patients have recognised our quality and they have included our doctors among the best dentists and oral surgeons in Croatia in the last several years. Visit us and see the professional skills of our team for yourselves.

Štimac - Naj Doktor 2016
Štimac - Naj Doktor 2017
Štimac - Naj Doktor 2018


We try to lead in quality and dental service in every way, and therefore take first place in the competition of dental offices in Zagreb and beyond. Every patient is given an individual approach and superior treatment because we know how hard it is to gain the trust of the patient, and what is most important, to keep a satisfied patient.

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