Dental laboratory

The dental laboratory is a part of our dental center. The laboratory consists of highly educated and trained dental technicians who are responsible for the quality of all dental constructions in this center, thanks to frequent training and the latest technology.

Modern technologies and systems

Our dental technical laboratory is equipped with the latest technologies used for making prosthetic implants like: the Amann Girrbach milling system, the Sirona inlab milling system, Exocad and Sirona programs for teeth design, Cerec and Primescan programs for digital dental imprints and many others.

In the laboratory we use the best materials and cover all the services in fixed and mobile prosthetics, as well as implantology, so the patients can fully trust the work and the guarantee of the prosthetic implants made in our laboratory. Every day, the technicians are researching and implementing the latest systems for the production of prosthetic pieces so the patients could have the best possible quality.

Verify our expertise

For many years, our patients have recognised our quality and they have included our doctors among the best dentists and oral surgeons in Croatia in the last several years. Visit us and see the professional skills of our team for yourselves.

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One of those systems is CAD-CAM technology, or the CAD-CAM revolution in dental medicine which designs teeth in just a few steps. CAD-CAM technology is characterized by the virtual design and quick smile design that enables the possibility of creating a unique substitute of perfect naturalness, color, and transparency that meets the expectations of even the most demanding patients.

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Dental crowns are prosthetic replacements which imitate the form, size, and color of the tooth, and are permanently fixed on an implant or an abraded tooth.

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Corone dentali


Dental veneers are thin transparent implants shaped like a scale, hence the name, which are attached to the front surface of the tooth and fully merge with the natural tooth.

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Faccette dentali
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