Restore a completely natural look to your damaged teeth, as well as their previous function, with a permanent prosthetic solution in the form of dental crowns. We use the latest technology for making dental crowns and our excellent diagnosticians and technicians will make sure that every patient gets the best solution and materials that match the indications and that a smile returns on their face.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns (dental caps) are fixed prosthetic devices that imitate the shape, the size, and the color of the natural tooth, which are permanently fixed on the placed dental implants (it is an extension of the implant) or on a natural tooth that has been weakened or is aesthetically unpleasing. A permanent crown will cover the entire visible part of the existing tooth, it represents a new surface and thereby replaces natural teeth. The main goal of dental crowns is the restoration of the lost function of the teeth, strengthening teeth, or repairing their aesthetic features.

What is the price of a dental crown?

The price of a dental crown depends on the material chosen by the person in cooperation with a dentist, and we have metal-ceramic crowns and fully ceramic crowns. Prices of dental crowns range from approx. 200€ to 333€.

In order to get a precise price offer, it is certainly best to go in for a first dental examination, when it will be determined which dental treatments you require, with the help of detailed panoramic x-ray diagnostics, and an appropriate price offer for will be made for you accordingly.

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There are various materials for making dental crowns. Until recently, metal was most commonly used as the base for dental crowns, but today a non-metal base (full ceramics) is also often used to make dental crowns, this includes E-max, Empress, and zirconium ceramics, which is the cutting edge of aesthetic dentistry because it enables a totally natural and transparent appearance of the augmented tooth.

The Štimac Dental Center uses two types of materials for the dental crowns, those are: metal-ceramic crowns (metal as the base for the crown) and non-metal ceramics (zirconium, e.max ceramics, and empress as the base for the crown). The non-metal ceramic crown is made using CAD-CAM computer technology that enables total precision in making a tooth by a dental technician, from the aesthetics to the functionality and bite, that is why it is often recommended to the patients, especially when talking about crowns on the front teeth.



Fully ceramic dental crowns are an excellent solution for high quality teeth aesthetics. The characteristics of fully ceramic crowns, or porcelain crowns, like translucence, color, and transparency (the way light is reflected and let through), are the best representation of all the properties of teeth visible by the eye, which results in a crown indistinguishable from a natural tooth. E-max ceramics is three times as strong as dental enamel, which reduces the possibility of cracking in those ceramic crowns to a minimum and these are often used in the back regions for controlling chewing motions. Once it is attached to the tooth, the ceramic crown and the tooth are a single unit, and they cannot be separated.



Today, zirconium dental prosthetics are considered the best that aesthetic dentistry can offer. All zirconium prosthetics look completely natural, because zirconium imitates the optical properties of a natural tooth. Zirconium ceramics is the alternative to metal substructures used under the porcelain in crowns. Zirconium is an airy material that provides a lighter and more natural appearance to the tooth, it is completely biocompatible and it does not cause allergies. Fully ceramic zirconium crowns are made using the CAD-CAM technology available within our dental center, which results in a crown with all the properties of a natural tooth and top quality aesthetics. The non-metal zirconium crowns made using CAD-CAM technology enable incredible precision in creating perfect teeth, through planned aesthetic dentistry and through functionality, thereby greatly increasing the patient’s satisfaction.



Metal-ceramic crowns represent a type of prosthetic devices in which ceramic devices are connected to a metal base (substructure). Due to the low price of dental crowns, but also their excellent properties, like strength and durability, as well as solid aesthetics, the use of metal-ceramic crowns in prosthetic rehabilitation is still common today, especially for back teeth. The metal interior provides stability and strength for the teeth, and the ceramics imitates the shape and color of the tooth on the outside.

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When are dental crowns the best solution?

Dental crowns are definitely a possible choice in improving dental aesthetics, but not the best choice, because a significant part of the tooth must be drilled first. For smaller deficiencies and for aesthetic reasons, dental veneers can also be used, while dental crowns are recommended for cases in which a larger surface of the tooth is damaged or when teeth are mostly significantly damaged

Dental crowns are used in cases like:


  • Broken natural teeth
  • Damage to a large part of a natural tooth, to the extent that it cannot be filled or that dental veneers cannot be placed
  • Damage to the structure of the teeth due to jaw clenching or nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Natural tooth eaten away or weakened by cavities
  • An impacted tooth that changed color
  • Treated teeth with weakened roots
  • Consequences of endodontic treatments or worn dental prosthetics
Why is there a need for dental crown placement?
Dental crown placement is one of the most common dental procedures in cases of weakened teeth, broken teeth, if the function of the tooth is lost or of the tooth has received endodontic treatment and requires protection from further damage, strengthening, or augmenting. Crown placement is also very common in cases when the natural tooth is damaged by cavities to the degree that fillings cannot fully replace the lost part. Teeth with larger cavities and those that received endodontic treatment are usually significantly damaged and require protection and repair with the use of crowns.
Why should you visit a dentist in case of the mentioned symptoms?
It is very important to react in a timely manner and save a tooth that can still be rescued with a crown, to avoid pulling or losing the tooth. 2D and 3D x-ray diagnostics will provide a detailed insight into the structure of a tooth and present an indication for dental crown placement. In the Štimac Dental Clinic, you will be diagnosed by top quality diagnosticians with years of experience and they will suggest the best solution with crowns or bridges. Our 10 prosthetics experts will enable you to choose among high quality dental materials and, with the help of our dental technicians, ensure that you have high quality cosmetic dentistry solutions that are indistinguishable from a natural tooth
Which is the best material?

Both metal and non-metal ceramic crowns meet the functional requirements of chewing and assume all the functions of a natural tooth. They are acceptable materials for making crowns and other prosthetic devices and they are sufficiently strong, which enables you to bite and chew, same as with your natural teeth.

Metal-ceramics is the oldest and the best known material, while non-metal ceramics is the new material on the market and it is taking over an increasing share of aesthetic rehabilitations. So, if a person’s goal is to have new teeth that are as natural as possible, then the best choice is a non-metal ceramic crown, emax, empress, or a zirconium crown (depending on the indication and the estimates by the dentist and the technician), that satisfies personal preferences and the highest standards of aesthetic dentistry.

When combining ideal aesthetics and functionality, the suggestion from our dentists and diagnosticians to patients is often to use non-metal ceramic crowns for the front regions, because they fully match the optical properties of natural teeth, and the metal ceramic ones for the back region of a tooth. Of course, precise diagnostics will be determined using an individual approach for every patient at an examination by a dentist, depending on the condition of the teeth and x-ray diagnostics.

We are using the latest, innovative, computer guided CAD- CAM technology that enables us to make extremely precise, functional, and highly aesthetic prosthetics. The modern approach and technology guarantee top quality results and our method includes the procedures adjusted to make the treatment in our center as pleasant as possible for everyone.

In today’s dentistry, dental crowns have advanced greatly, from the technology used in their production to the dental materials used to make the crown. I often recommend to my patients the combination of modern materials and good functionality, to meet all the implant indications and achieve the best results.

The Štimac Dental Center offers many advantages and some of them are:

  • A 5-year warranty on dental crowns
  • Top quality experts, prosthetics professionals, with references from around the world and 20 years of experience.
  • Dental laboratory which is a part of the Štimac Dental Clinic enables speed and precision in computerized dental crown production
  • Creating a new tooth using CAD-CAM technology in a single day
  • Experts with references from around the world who are constantly engaged in professional development
  • Years of experience in making various prosthetic devices (dental crowns, dental bridges, dental veneers)
  • A fully natural appearance of teeth, using high-quality materials available on the market

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Because I fell off a bicycle as a child, I had problems with my front teeth and I was unhappy. Then I heard about Dr. Štimac through a humanitarian makeover and decided to visit her. As soon as I came in for my first visit, I was thrilled by the people at the front desk and the doctor herself. We arranged zirconium crowns, and within 10 days I had new teeth and did not have to hide my smile anymore. Thank you Dr. Maja, Dr. Lucija, and the entire staff of the Polyclinic Štimac!


I am exceptionally grateful to Dr. Maja for my perfect new smile. I have to admit that I was afraid of installing implants, however, the procedure was completely painless and I almost did not feel a thing. The doctor is very professional, offers all the necessary information and leads her patients through the entire procedure, so my fear disappeared as soon as I first spoke to Dr. Maja.

Simonetta Bruno

What wonderful people! I was with Dr. Filip at the first examination and decided on an instalment of an implant because I lost a tooth a year before due to the wrong treatment of another dentist! Dr. Filip is detailed, patient and really puts maximum effort in explaining the entire process of the instalment to me. Good job!

Sara Mitola

Since I live in Germany, it was very important to me to finish with the work within a certain time period. We arranged an appointment through pictures and in 5 days I received my new teeth, new smile and all thanks to the amazing doctors at the Polyclinic Štimac! I am thrilled with my veneers and I definitely recommend them to everyone!

Rezultati krunice #2
Rezultati krunice #2

Ceramic dental crowns are permanent prosthetic devices, and in the healthcare sense, permanent means a period of 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of dental crowns is highly individual for each person and it depends on a number of factors like the health of the person, quality of the material, experience and skills of the dentist, properly determined bite and inter-jaw interaction, oral hygiene, and regular control at a dentist’s office which can prevent further decay of dental structures, if such a process has started on the teeth.

In order to prolong the lifespan, after the placement treatment on a natural tooth or a dental implant, tooth crowns must be maintained regularly, same as natural teeth, and enough time each day must be devoted to dental hygiene. In order to properly maintain the health of your oral cavity, we recommend using a toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash, and an interdental brush. With regular and proper tooth cleaning we can prolong the lifespan of dental crowns.

Rezultati krunice #1
Rezultati krunice #1

Apart from the mentioned, the durability of dental crowns also depends on the quality of the tooth structures, gums, and the bone. Over the years, several conditions can develop, like gum disease and gum and bone recession, which leads to exposed roots and consequently movement of the natural teeth, which is difficult to predict for a dentist and is most commonly related to the person’s oral hygiene.

We should definitely mention that avoiding habits like nail, pencil, or ice biting should be avoided, as well as biting other hard substances that are not food. You should also avoid heavy jaw clenching and nighttime teeth grinding, which is the usual cause of chipped, broken, and destroyed teeth.

The tooth under a ceramic crown cannot develop a cavity, but it can become inflamed. In case there is an inflammation and the tooth begins to hurt, there are two options. One is to remove the crown and treat the tooth, and the other is to drill through the crown, reach the center of the inflammation and begin treatment.

If you experience gum inflammation or toothache, it is very important to visit a dentist as soon as possible, discover the source, and remove the cause of the inflammation.

The patients’ average grade for the dental crown placement service at Štimac Dental Center



The grade is 4.9/5 on the basis of 9 reviews from the patients of the
Štimac Dental Center.




Dental crown warranty

Štimac Dental Clinic offers a 5-year warranty for all prosthetic work. Prosthetic work includes dental veneers, crowns and bridges.

It is important to mention that the key factor for taking advantage of the warranty is regular check-ups. Teeth check-ups are mandatory once a year for all patients, even for minor dental work, to ensure timely prevention and the protection of dental health.

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