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Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry which is in increasing demand, and dental veneers are one of the most requested aesthetic solutions in dentistry. Considering that they cover the front surface of the tooth, they enable full aesthetic smile transformation, which is why they deserve the credit for the new smiles flashed by Hollywood stars and for a full “smile makeover”.


Dental veneers are a prosthetic device, thin as eggshells, which are permanently placed on the front surface of a tooth and which momentarily change the row of teeth and the smile. Ceramic veneers gained their popularity in Hollywood, which is why many people dream about a Hollywood smile. Thanks to non-metal ceramics, veneers can meet high aesthetic criteria and provide the patient with a perfect smile, because they mimic real teeth.

A dental laboratory with a team of dental technicians is a part of the Štimac Dental Clinic, which guarantees quick and high quality work when making ceramic veneers. After the first examination and diagnostics, the technicians will create thin ceramic dental veneers according to your wishes and the instructions from the dentist. Thanks to the dental laboratory which is a part of the Štimac Dental Clinic, the dental veneers can be finished quicker and the fittings can be done multiple times, as well as any necessary adjustments, which reduces the number of necessary visit to the clinic.

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Dental veneers can solve many aesthetic, but also orthodontic deficiencies.
They are a very popular treatment because of the many advantages like:

  • Minimum drilling of the tooth where the veneer is being placed,
  • Natural appearance of the tooth thanks to the porcelain veneers that imitate tooth enamel and why it shines just like a natural tooth,
  • Smooth surface of the ceramic veneers, which is why it does not change color and fully justifies the longevity and reflects light in the same way from day one
  • Gentle procedure – after placing dental veneers on the front surface of the tooth the patient will not even feel the consequences of the treatment on the gums, because veneer placement is the gentlest procedure for the gums and it does not cause inflammation and gum retraction between the teeth.

What is the price for veneers?

Veneers for teeth are made from complete ceramics, empress and e-max ceramics and glass-ceramics. The prices for veneers range mostly around 333€.

Porcelain veneers are the best way to achieve a perfect smile. A dental veneer is a top quality aesthetic device which can provide a new smile for anyone in only 5 days thanks to CAD CAM technology. Strength and shine of non-metal ceramics guarantee a natural look and excellent functionality.

There are many reasons to choose the Štimac Center as a long-term companion for your beautiful smile, and these are just some of those:

  • A completely painless procedure of dental veneer placement
  • 5-year warranty for dental veneers
  • CAD CAM technology that shortens the time required to complete the work
  • A perfect smile in just 5 days (smile makeover)
  • Top experts with more than 30 years of experience
  • Dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry
  • Highly educated dental technicians in a dental laboratory within the center
  • Highest quality materials used every day to make prosthetics

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Because I fell off a bicycle as a child, I had problems with my front teeth and I was unhappy. Then I heard about Dr. Štimac through a humanitarian makeover and decided to visit her. As soon as I came in for my first visit, I was thrilled by the people at the front desk and the doctor herself. We arranged zirconium crowns, and within 10 days I had new teeth and did not have to hide my smile anymore. Thank you Dr. Maja, Dr. Lucija, and the entire staff of the Polyclinic Štimac!


I am exceptionally grateful to Dr. Maja for my perfect new smile. I have to admit that I was afraid of installing implants, however, the procedure was completely painless and I almost did not feel a thing. The doctor is very professional, offers all the necessary information and leads her patients through the entire procedure, so my fear disappeared as soon as I first spoke to Dr. Maja.

Simonetta Bruno

What wonderful people! I was with Dr. Filip at the first examination and decided on an instalment of an implant because I lost a tooth a year before due to the wrong treatment of another dentist! Dr. Filip is detailed, patient and really puts maximum effort in explaining the entire process of the instalment to me. Good job!

Sara Mitola

Since I live in Germany, it was very important to me to finish with the work within a certain time period. We arranged an appointment through pictures and in 5 days I received my new teeth, new smile and all thanks to the amazing doctors at the Polyclinic Štimac! I am thrilled with my veneers and I definitely recommend them to everyone!



Anyone who wishes a more beautiful and whiter smile, and whose teeth are not mostly covered with fillings, is a candidate for dental veneer placement. Ceramic veneers can very quickly change the size, shape, and color of the tooth, as well as the problem of crooked teeth and anomalies like a gap between teeth. They are also often used instead of the old composite materials, which is what composite fillings are made of, which does not meet the high aesthetic criteria. Those cases are usually visible in the front region, where fillings were used in multiple occasions as aesthetic fillings, which is why the color of the tooth changed and the tooth no longer has its natural look and shine.

Apart from that, veneers can be used to affect the volume of the teeth and the smile, particularly in cases of narrower jaw bones, where the smile must be expanded.
If aesthetic fillings are no longer up to the aesthetic standards or if cavities have eaten away most of the tooth, prosthetics known as inlay, onlay, and overlay could be a possible perfect solution, which can be done quickly using CAD CAM technology, and they perfectly cover all sides of the tooth.

Why you should visit a dentist when you have a problem?

Custom fitted and placed dental veneers can permanently transform your smile. Ceramic veneers are a permanent prosthetic solution for aesthetic deficiencies and orthodontic problems like:

  • chipped tooth,
  • cracked enamel,
  • tooth abrasion,
  • irregular color,
  • irregular tooth shape,
  • crooked teeth,
  • gaps between teeth

Failure to react in a timely manner regarding aesthetic deficiencies can create even more serious problems over time, like more broken teeth, further shift of crooked teeth, cavities, bad bite that results in more worn teeth, but also pain in the oral cavity. Every one of the mentioned problems will affect the aesthetics, but also functionality of teeth.

Dental veneers are also often used for problems of elevated gums (the so-called gummy smile). In cases of gummy smile, the first procedure is lifting the gums surgically or using a laser, then the dental veneers are placed, which visually lengthens the teeth and creates a better looking smile. In cases of gummy smile, oral surgery is the first step before making dental veneers.

Regardless of your current health condition, it is important to visit a dentist for a first examination and get an opinion from an expert. The first exam, detailed diagnostics, and consultations will show the actual condition of your teeth and the dentists will be able to determine the appropriate therapy, suited just for you.

It is important to mention that ceramic veneers are a cosmetic dentistry treatment and that after cementing they will take over the aesthetic role and function of your natural teeth, and that you will have all the previous functions of your natural teeth after veneer placement. Dental veneers can quickly change your smile and appearance, but also restore your confidence.

CAD-CAM Technology
Dental medicine using CAD CAM technology has created a real revolution in the production of prosthetics. The possibilities it provides have enabled high quality prosthetic devices, but also quicker and higher quality dental veneers.
The CAD CAM technology is related to working with completely non-metal, zirconium ceramics, using high precision and many parameters required to make a perfect dental prosthetic. Just for that reason, CAD CAM offers full functionality, along with high aesthetics, with every prosthetic device.
Thanks to CAD CAM technology, making prosthetic devices like dental veneers can be done in just one to two workdays, which greatly reduces the time required for your new smile, which will be completely done in just 5 workdays.


Rezultati ljuskice #2
Rezultati ljuskice #2

In order for the results of the treatment to be as good as possible, most patients also decide on a teeth whitening procedure before getting ceramic veneers. The teeth whitening procedure can whiten your teeth for several shades. If ceramic veneers are made in the front region, the patient can whiten their teeth first to get a lighter color, which can then be used by the patient and the dentist to match the color of your ceramic veneers. The teeth whitening treatment is optional and every person can decide if they want to include that treatment when making their dental veneers, in order for the color difference between the natural teeth and the ceramic veneer to be as little as possible and so the patient would adjust easier to the difference in the color of their smile.

After the dental veneers are cemented, you can return to your everyday life on the same day. Considering that the entire process is completely painless and exceptionally gentle, your gums will still look healthy and your veneers will be able to fully shine.

Rezultati ljuskice #1
Rezultati ljuskice #1

During the first week, when some mild sensitivity is possible, the recommendation is to avoid very hot or cold food and beverages, but also to eat softer food. After the sensitivity is gone, you can return to your usual dietary habits.

If you grind your teeth, especially during the night, we can also make you some protective mouth guards that will protect your teeth, but also your dental veneers.

In order for the dental veneers to last as long as possible, it is necessary to maintain a high level of oral hygiene and brush your teeth at least twice a day, same as they were your natural teeth. Oral hygiene is the key for a beautiful and healthy smile. Also, a visit to the dentist at least once a year is imperative to keep your beautiful smile.

Average patients’ grade for the service of dental veneer placement at the Štimac Dental Clinic


The grade is 4.9/5 on the basis of 20 reviews by patients of the
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