In our center you can get complete dental care and wide range of services, from diagnosis and planning with the most modern technologies, to the therapy solutions for any dental problem. We offer a variety of diagnostic methods that can be done right at the dental examination.

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The most modern x-ray diagnostics in the Dental Center Štimac in Zagreb is one of the crucial foundations of every dental treatment. X-ray diagnostics in the Dental Center Štimac can be performed without prior announcement, every day during the official working hours (from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 21:00). The trained staff will welcome you, take your x-raw and within 5-10 minutes and give it to you on a CD that you can take with you.

Dental x-ray

Dental x-ray, orthopantomograph or panoramic film is one of the main diagnostic methods in dentistry. Orthopantomograph can be considered as the starting point, which displays the status of your oral cavity, or document, without which today should no longer be allowed to move into any procedures. With the help of digital dental X-rays, to the dentist are clearly showed full tooth series of upper and lower jaws together with anatomical forms of surrounding tissues and structures. Dentists use radiographs for many reasons: to find hidden dental structures, malignant or benign masses, bone loss, and cavities. Dental x-rays can be used for children too because it is adjusted to a small amount of radiation for children. The only group that should not be exposed to radiation of x-rays are expectant mothers, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Due to its digitization and the latest generation of technology, our X-rays have the lowest possible dose of radiation that is not considered as harmful.

RVG recording

Except for panoramic films, the intraoral radiographic films can be recorded if necessary. RVG recording contains a very small dose of radiation because of the size off of the area being recorded, and gives to the dentist an intraoral view of the tooth and its surrounding structures, such as nerves and bones. It is often used during certain procedures in order to document a specific condition of the patient and confirm the success of therapy.

3D diagnostics

3D diagnosis using CT is considered to be a growing imperative in dental medicine. Except for the perfect precision and possibilities of bones overview in three dimensions, CBCT (cone beam CT) allows the dentist to check bone density, which is considered the main condition for implant placement. CBCT is essential before surgery, and it can be also considered as a guide during the operation because it gives to the dentist an accurate insight into the condition of bone, maxilla and temporomandibular joint. CBCT is also essential at virtual implant placement or at computer-guided implantology. Because it is possible to adjust the size of the field required for the recording, the amount of radiation is reduced compared to a regular CT devices. Usage of digital recording method achieves several advantages, such as: the smallest possible dose of radiation, the greater precision recording and easier storage of shots. Patients receive their panoramic films in the form of a CD.


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Expertise, professionalism and personal approach. All treatments that I received here were excellent, permanently solved my problem and look nice. I think this is an excellent clinic and I plan to come every time I I need dental treatment.

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