At the Dental Center Štimac, we use the best materials for white fillings so they could match the patient’s tooth in both texture and color. Our general dentists will ensure that the cavity cleaning treatments and filling treatments are short, comfortable and completely painless.


Cavities are today considered to be the most widespread periodontal disease. They are caused by bacteria created in the mouth when eating. Namely, these bacteria decompose sucrose, fructose, and glucose and create acids which can begin to erode the enamel. After a longer period of time, cavities occur. The greatest factor with the occurrence of cavities is oral hygiene. With proper hygiene, the possibility of cavities is decreased, along with the development of periodontal diseases. For this reason, all of our dentists constantly emphasize to their patients how important oral hygiene is.

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What does the process of treating a cavity look like?

The process of treating a cavity starts with anesthesia. Anesthesia provides aid in resolving the cavity in the tooth, and it is used so the process for the patient can be completely painless and pleasant. It is followed by:

– Abrading the cavity which must be completely removed
– Deep cleaning of the tooth in order to be sure the cavity is removed
– Placing a white filling in order to protect the tooth
– After placing the white filling, the process of treating the cavity is finished.

What is a filling?

If the cavity is discovered in time, a composite filling or a white filling is placed instead of it. Today, white fillings have taken the leading place in treating the damaged structures of the tooth which occurred due to a cavity, and have pushed away from the amalgam (black) fillings which were used as the main therapy regarding cavities until recently. We should definitely have in mind that no composite filling lasts forever, which is why all advice on oral hygiene is very welcome and should be practiced. Today a filling, tomorrow a crown. This is not just a myth but a daily situation we encounter with many patients! That is why you should get the toothbrush, floss, and rinsing water into your hands and make this combination become automatic!

What is inlay, onlay, and overlay?

Inlay, onlay, and overlay are prosthetic replacements which are also designed in a laboratory according to the shape of the tooth, giving it a completely natural appearance. All three mentioned replacements are actually very similar to a filling, but they are used in situations when the cavity has spread and when it takes up a larger area of the tooth, making it impossible to fully close with a filling. Inlay is created for the upper part of the tooth or the middle of the tooth. Onlay is larger and also covers a larger area of the tooth when compared to inlay, while overlay is used for the largest part of the visible area of the tooth. It also covers the inner (upper) and outer side of the tooth. They are definitely a better solution than large fillings and crowns, because of the smaller need to abrade the tooth. We would say that this replacement is on the border between a filling and a crown.

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